The back nine starts off with a short dogleg left. It’s best not to cheat the corner due to the large eucalyptus and mesquite trees on the left. By using the aiming bunker on the far, right side of the dogleg, the player will set up a perfect approach to the green. The fairway slopes from right to left from the turning point all the way to the green. This will help the ball feed into the proper positions on the fairway as well as on the green.

Classic Tee:  405 yards
Long Tee:  384 yards
Middle Tee:  341 yards
Forward Tee:  325 yards
Men's Handicap 6 | Women's Handicap 12

Combo Tees
Long & Middle:  341 yards | Handicap 8
Middle & Forward:  325 yards | Handicap 12