The tee shot on the second of back-to-back par fives, should favor the left side, just right of the fairway bunkers on the left. Since the fairway tilts to the right, there should be some distance added to the drive. The second shot should stop just short of the next set of bunkers, which will leave the player with a full wedge into the green. The approach shot needs to be precise due to the undulation on the green as well as the bunkers that need to be avoided.

Classic Tee:  527 yards
Long Tee:  511 yards
Middle Tee:  452 yards
Forward Tee:  416 yards
Men's Handicap 11 | Women's Handicap 1

Combo Tees
Long & Middle:  511 yards | Handicap 3
Middle & Forward:  452 yards | Handicap 1