Eleven is a par five that plays like the letter “s”. A good tee shot should finish just to the right of the left fairway bunker. This will set up an opportunity to carry the fairway bunker, which guards the green, and possibly run the ball up on the green. If the player elects to lay up, the best landing area is left of the fairway bunker. From this point, the approach shot must finish on the correct level of the three-tiered green to capture a birdie.

Classic Tee:  543 yards
Long Tee:  498 yards
Middle Tee:  434 yards
Forward Tee:  403 yards
Men's Handicap 18 | Women's Handicap 4

Combo Tees
Long & Middle:  498 yards | Handicap 2
Middle & Forward:  325 yards | Handicap 4